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Criticism for web typography

Yesterday I asked for critique at Typophile (new thread here) regarding my Graublau Sans Web with Lucida sanserif type specimen. No responses yet, but sooner or later we’ll have a good discussion going. This got me thinking – where do you critique?

The reason Typophile’s forums are so important is similar to the reason Typesites is a valuable effort: these are places to deconstruct and question web typography for the purposes of improving our skills and strengthening our understanding.

These sites work for critique because they’re neutral. They don’t belong to any one blogger or commercial entity (or, at least, they feel that way thanks to their authors and communities). That’s not to say that amazing discussion doesn’t happen in blog comments, just that situations like those depend heavily on the blogger.

Where’s your crit wall?

If you practice web type critique (or web design critique, or graphic design critique), where does that take place? I would love to know. Please leave a comment.

If you don’t have a Typophile account, why not? Membership is optional. Forums used to really bug me, but Typophile’s forums are well-made and their community is friendly, passionate, and global. You should sign up and share your thoughts.

For web typography to be respected as a part of our art and craft, we need to give web typesetting our fullest criticism. Let’s start by finding places to share and constructively critique our work.

  • It’s important to note that Typesites is guest authored as well. If anyone would like to write a review they’re welcome to (as long as they follow the guidelines.

    That aside, Typophile is currently the only other active arena on the web with any real discussion occurring between designers revolving around web typography. There’s always the odd post on a blog here and there, but not many dedicated places.

  • Good point, Kyle. All I did to get this Typographica review on Typesites was follow the guidelines. Quick, easy, and the resulting discussion was great.

  • I think the reason for little criticism so far on typophile is because of where you put it. If you post into one of the ghetto forums, such as the Home » Forums » Critique » Typography / Composition forum, you can expect very little love.

    Move it to the general discussion or design forum, and you’ll have your wish for more discussion.

  • Good idea, Dan. Posted a duplicate in General Discussions. Thanks!

  • Critic should be always an impartial person. They should be always welcome irrespective of the fact that they can criticize the things to any extent. Till today I was not having any account on type site. But after reading this interesting thread I tempted to start my account here. Since the community is friendly, passionate and global, it will be easy to interact with the talented people in this field. I hope I will get new talented and enthusiastic friends here.

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