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Nice Web Type is one place for web typography, following experiments, advancements, and best practices in typesetting web text. Handcrafted by Tim Brown, Type Manager for Adobe Typekit.

How I use Twitter

Nice Web Type on Twitter is not repackaged RSS, although I do announce each new Notes post. Nor is it a personal stream of consciousness. Instead, its simple goals have been 1) to share what I know/think/find, 2) to listen, and 3) to not be annoying.

Regarding numbers two and three, I read everyone I follow, and I only post if I have a good, on-topic reason. (The rolling articulation of what constitutes “on-topic” is a constant challenge.)

But as for number one, here’s how I balance original content, found goodness, and other things I think are worth your time.

Multi-grain, heart healthy

Notes (blog posts), Delicious bookmarks, Flickr group screenshots, and Twitter favorites are the foundation of what I share. In that order, they range from original content to curated filtration. Each of these things can be subscribed to or visited independently (here are the RSS feeds: Notes, bookmarks, screenshots, favorites).

Now try some of this

Nice Web Type’s Twitter stream is for directing traffic, and also for things that don’t happen anywhere else:

  • When I write a new Note, I tell Twitter followers. (These same folks might subscribe to the RSS, but knowing immediately when I press “publish” is a bonus.)
  • When I collect enough bookmarks, favorites, or screenshots to warrant a visit’s time, I tell Twitter followers to take a look.
  • I have occasional exchanges with excellent folks, although Twitter is not very good at conversation.
  • A couple of weeks ago I had a small idea: Phonetic Friday. I’d like to do more things like this.
  • Finally, sharing in others’ efforts is something I really enjoy. Recommending folks to follow, calling direct attention to others’ ideas, and using “RT” are things I try to do every so often.

It’s easy to get carried away, especially with things that fall into that last bullet point. Using Twitter in a focused way is as much about restraint as it is about actually generating ideas.

Do you follow Nice Web Type? Do you like how I’m handling it?

  • Gonzalo Gonz├ílez Mora

    I love it (and I wouldn’t mind if you tweeted more). Personally, I hate the ones that flood Twitter with retweets and links of everything that they come across. I end up unfollowing them because it’s too much noise.

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Combining Typefaces


I wrote a small book about combining typefaces. Buy it for less than the cost of a fancy beverage.