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Type Manager for Typekit

Big news, friends: I will soon be joining Typekit as Type Manager. I’ll be caring for the library of typefaces, talking with foundry partners, and showing Typekit off in a variety of ways.

It is with exhilaration and humility that I take a place among my web and type heroes during this pivotal moment in web and type history. Since the sensibilities of web standards and the richness of typographic tradition began to coalesce in my mind, I have felt a strong urge to participate in what I consider a reawakening of typographic art and craft.

Despite the power and promise of an accessible, open web, technical and legal hurdles have for a decade kept web design professionals apart from our heritage as typesetters and glyph connoisseurs. Now is the time for revival.

Dust off those old type books. Lean in, close to your screen. Listen as the echoes of our elders inform the freedoms we can now express, thanks to solutions like Typekit that allow us to easily choose and wield time-tested typefaces in a web-native way.

Ask me questions, show me what you’re working on, and let’s move web typography forward together.

By the way, later I’ll have more to say about my time at Vassar College, and about the future of Nice Web Type. Stay tuned.

First time here?

Meet me and learn about the most exciting bits of Nice Web Type in this one minute video. And read some of my more popular posts, like How to use CSS @font-face and Where to get web fonts.

You may also be interested in Web Font Specimen, a handy, free resource we can use to see how typefaces look on the web. It first appeared in a special web fonts issue of A List Apart.

  • Congratulations! This is good for you, good for Typekit, good for all of us. Cheers! :)

  • Awesome news, congrats!

  • Well done Tim, and well done Typekit. Congrats!

  • This is fantastic. TypeKit continues to impress, and really show they care about web typography. Good for all of us indeed.

  • Congratulations. Here’s to the future

  • Sounds like it’s unanimous – win, win.

  • Congrats and thanks for your efforts in promoting better type and related technologies.

  • Big news, congratulations!

  • Congrats man! It looks like you’ve found the right place for your passion. I still remember the good old days at Vassar where we would stare at a poster and you would tell us what typeface that was. Man, those days were awesome!

  • Thank you so much, everyone.

    Donny! Thanks man. Vassar is still awesome like that. I just couldn’t pass up this fantastic opportunity with Typekit. I’ll be writing more about Vassar web design in the coming weeks.

  • Congratulations Tim!

  • So can we expect to see some examples of using Typekit on your site? Perhaps some combinations of TypeKit fonts.

  • Gonzalo Gonz├ílez Mora

    Wow, that’s awesome, Tim, congratulations! :)

    I love Typekit, I’ve even bought a subscription and I don’t have a website yet! (I didn’t want to miss on the discount-for-life offer)

  • Congratulations Tim, nice break, well done and good luck.

  • Donald Lane

    You will be a asset to Typekit.

  • Well done Tim.

  • Congratulations.

  • Well written, Tim. I do look forward to the day when I have as much typographic freedom on the web as I do in images and print, and I have a feeling you’ll have a lot to do with making that day arrive.

    Nevertheless, we will miss you!

  • Barbara Rosato Lane

    From your proudest admirer……..talent, visible in cyberspace, has found the perfect match with Typekit. Hard work, perseverance, and dedication beyond a doubt are yours. You hold the future in your hands and millions of people will benefit from your vision.

  • pablo Boerr

    Congrats this is great news

  • Congratulations! It has been so great working with you at Vassar. To say “we’ll keep in touch” sounds insufficient — our group will remain connected. More extended family than network. You have been a great connection to the future of where we’re headed, and that won’t change.

    { Still in denial, of course }

  • sounds like a great gig! Typefont is of course, a solid group. It’s been nearly a year since this post. I’d be interested in a follow up post about what you’ve learned over the year. May sound cheesy, but I’m curious how it’s changed your understanding of the business of fonts.

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