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Bulletproof smiley @font-face syntax

Paul Irish made a small but important change to his recommended cross-browser, cross-platform @font-face syntax. To avoid a few different problems, Paul explains (scroll to “And.. regarding @font-face syntax”), we should use a smiley face character instead of references to local copies of fonts. From Paul:

Yes, it’s a smiley face. The OpenType spec indicates any two-byte unicode characters won’t work in a font name on Mac at all, so that lessens the likelihood that someone actually released a font with such a name.

Syntax at How to use CSS @font-face has been updated. And folks using the Font Squirrel generator are already using this updated syntax — the folks at Font Squirrel adopted Paul’s smiley syntax a while ago.

  • Fabio

    hy, send the newest sintax you have, please, thankyou

  • It is really a great thing introduced by Paul. I am using Font squirrel generator, hence it was not that new for me. But what ever, it is really good experience to apply it. Using updated syntax give a better option to work with. It is good to used smiley face characters instead of references to local copies of fonts. I really loved this site for such wonderful information and hope will learn much more from here in future too.

  • Really enjoyed reading the blog.white spots on skin

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