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‘As good as it has ever been’

Roger Black:

All my life I’ve been hearing about the distinction between high brow and low: the critics’ ignorance of rock and roll, magazines’ dismissal of TV as an art form, and the news media’s blindness to popular culture. The old guard never gets it.

Web designers aren’t real designers.

We’ve got to strive for higher Highs. As we’ve seen in magazine and web site design, if the bottom is [to] be raised, the best design has to be more than accurate, clean and professional. It has to hit it out of the park.

Mr. Black is right: We need to hit design home runs. In this regard we have much to learn from established design professionals, and we look to them. When it seems like they don’t respect what we’re going through with the web, it hurts. Never mind home runs, we’re still building the ballparks and writing the league rules, playing our games in vacant lots and overgrown grass fields. If we’re not doing the most intellectually or artistically stimulating work, it’s not for lack of skill or desire.

When we eventually do get this web design thing sorted, we will be doing the kind of emotionally powerful work that the “old guard” expects, that we all want to do. It will have taken generations of web designers, remix upon remix, and career after talented career spent laying the foundations for Design as we’ll later know it, but we’ll get there. When we do, let’s remember the values of community, sacrifice, heritage, and encouragement.

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Combining Typefaces


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