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iA on responsive type (graded fonts)

Oliver Reichenstein has recently spoken (see Eva-Lotta Lam’s sketchnotes) and tweeted about subtle typographic adjustments he’s making to the iA website (screenshots):

The typeface [in the screenshots] is iABC, an in house production that comes in different grades depending on the resolution of the screen (aka responsive typography).

Nice Web Type readers know I think there’s more to responsive typography than type, but I’ve long felt that graded fonts would be good for the web. I look forward to studying the iA implementation.

If you’re curious about how grade adjustments can change the feel of a typeface, look no further. iA are also the folks behind iA Writer, the iOS and Mac app. Oliver posted screenshots of the app’s custom typeface, Nitti Light (used on iPad 1 and 2), for comparison with Nitti Light HD (to be used on the new Retina display iPad).

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Combining Typefaces


I wrote a small book about combining typefaces. Buy it for less than the cost of a fancy beverage.