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Type Set Match

Today I started a little project called Type Set Match. Far less ambitious, organized, and sophisticated than Coudal Partners’ Layer Tennis, but in the same vein of create-and-critique-stuff-on-Fridays, players (any Dribbble users who wish to participate) all typeset the same text and share their work.

It’s a fun exercise, a chance to discover designers, a chance to learn something about typography through both practice and critique, a good way to try typefaces that you haven’t tried or don’t always get to use, and a great excuse to read something smart (reading the excerpted article in full often makes your typography more resonant with the words).

How to play

  1. Copy text from the first volley of each match
  2. Typeset the text however you like — as an image, in HTML/CSS, heck, print it out and take a photo
  3. Rebound the first volley on Dribbble* and talk about your choices
  4. “Like” any shots you like, and talk about why you like them

* If you don’t have a Dribbble account, that’s okay. Typeset something and show it to me. I’ll see what I can do to get you a Dribbble invite.

That’s it!

For a limited time

I will initiate three Type Set Match events, one each on October 5 (today), October 12, and October 19. If folks enjoy it, then we’ll see what happens. In any case, it’ll be a fun experiment for me. I’ve wanted to try something like this for a long time.

Special thanks to Josh Brewer, Sean McBride, and Mandy Brown, who entertained my early ideas about what Type Set Match could be. My chats with these folks are consistently awesome, and I may revisit those specific ideas in the future.

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Combining Typefaces


I wrote a small book about combining typefaces. Buy it for less than the cost of a fancy beverage.