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Type Set Match epilogue

Thank you to all who participated in October’s three Type Set Match events. Combined, the matches saw 55 rebounds, many accompanied by explanations about why specific typefaces were used. All participants carried an attitude of openness and willingness to learn more about typography, and the resulting discussions will continue to bear fruit.

The text used in these matches came from the third issue of Contents Magazine. Designers should pay attention to this publication for many reasons, one of which is that in many cases our influence should go where content goes; as evidenced by these Type Set Match events alone, typesetting can affect the tone and meaning of words. Graphic design is valuable.

I’m happy that so many participants chose, as I did, to compose their volleys with Typecast. Now that Typecast is in public beta, everyone can sign up to compare and combine typefaces, test rendering, and sketch with HTML and CSS — all in the browser.

Dribbble was a wonderful host for our matches. This service continues to foster meaningful connections among designers, a community of camaraderie, and a fun experience from start to finish. Several Type Set Match participants had never used Dribbble before, and were thrilled to try it.

That’s all folks. I enjoyed coordinating these three Type Set Match events, and watching such talented people do, and share, their work and reasoning. Type Set Match has all the potential I thought it would, and more, and I have ideas about how it can be even better. Maybe I’ll do it again some time.

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Combining Typefaces


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