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Pocket Guide to Combining Typefaces

I wrote a short book about combining typefaces, and it’s available to download today from Five Simple Steps. You can buy it for less than a cup of fancy coffee. And if you do buy it, I hope you find it useful. I worked hard to make it worth reading and referencing.

Advice about combining typefaces is hard to give, because success depends on many factors — the text, your design goals, your audience, and reader contexts, as well as the type. It takes scrutiny and empathy and wisdom, and honing those qualities takes time and practice.

So yes, the book dives into details about texture, rhythm, proportion, and shape that contribute to compatibility among typefaces; however, it also outlines a process for efficient practice, points to many relevant resources that are worth checking out, and provides a series of brief critiques to help you make sense of the many conditions that make for successful type combinations.

“Pocket Guide” is a great name for this kind of short book.

Thanks to the folks at Five Simple Steps for offering me this opportunity, and for working hard to turn my manuscript into a finished product. Thanks to Stephen Coles for his editing contributions. Thanks to Mandy Brown and Bryan Mason for their advice. And finally, thanks to my wife, Eileen, for her support.

This is my first writing for sale — my first anything for sale. It’s exciting, but also terrifying, to put a price (even a small price) on my efforts. But if folks seem to like it, maybe I’ll do more.

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Combining Typefaces


I wrote a small book about combining typefaces. Buy it for less than the cost of a fancy beverage.