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Nice Web Type is one place for web typography, following experiments, advancements, and best practices in typesetting web text. Handcrafted by Tim Brown, Type Manager for Adobe Typekit.

Bringing thoughtful people together with modular scales

The modular scale calculator I built is a useful, straightforward tool. Visitors stay for 28 minutes on average — and many people stay for more than an hour at a time, referencing calculated numbers and linked resources in the footer.

Now, I am offering a limited sponsorship opportunity to thoughtful products and services that I think modular scale users will like: $100 USD per month for a short message in the footer at I will mention the sponsorship to followers of @nicewebtype and permanently link to each sponsor from this blog post.

My thanks to our generous sponsors:

  • Gridset — Gridset takes the headache out of responsive layouts on the web. Build grids based on classic proportions in minutes.
  • Typecast — Design for the reader by putting type first: Create web-ready type systems with real content using simple visual controls. Export production-ready HTML & CSS or share by URL.
  • Codex — Codex the journal of letterforms is the beautiful, best-selling print magazine for graphic designers, teachers, students, and everyone who has any interest in fonts, graphic design, lettering, and typography.

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Combining Typefaces


I wrote a small book about combining typefaces. Buy it for less than the cost of a fancy beverage.