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Firmness, clarity, and modesty

Max Phillips named FF Spinoza after 17th century rationalist and lens-grinder Baruch Spinoza, a man whose job it was to help people see clearly. The family is meant as an elegant workhorse, a classic text family with just enough individual character to hold its own in display sizes. It was inspired by mid-century German book faces like Trump Mediaeval and Aldus, and by the types of Nicolas Kis. The forms are narrow and economical, with open counters. The line is firm and distinct. It has strong thick strokes and serifs to help it grip the page.


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Serif & Sans

FF Amman is a bi-script family, with support for both the Arabic and Latin script. It is one of the largest Arabic-Latin typeface families designed to date, and one of the very few where both the Arabic and the Latin characters were drawn from scratch by the same designer at one time.

Type & tweets

FF Ernestine was born from the search for a versatile monoline text typeface that would feel warm yet serious, feminine yet rigid, charming yet sturdy. Its rather large x-height and wide, open shapes enable it to work well down to small sizes.